Overview of Metabolism and Bioavailability Enhancement of Polyphenols

A proper diet is one of major factors contributing to good health and is directly related to general condition of the organism. Phenolic compounds are abundant in foods and beverages (fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, leguminous plants, cereals, herbs, spices, tea, coffee, wine, beer) and their pleiotropic biological activities result in numerous health beneficial effects. On the […]

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Concurso Go To Market – De la idea al mercado

Este concurso tiene como objetivo apoyar la comercialización de tecnologías, provenientes de proyectos de I+D, generar capacidades en emprendimiento y comercialización de resultados de I+D, patentes y tecnologías, junto vincular a los desarrolladores de proyectos de I+D con brokers tecnológicos internacionales para lograr llevar las tecnologías desarrolladas en Chile a mercados globales, generando un ecosistema […]

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Biased ligands at G-protein-coupled receptors: promise and progress

Drug discovery targeting G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) is no longer limited to seeking agonists or antagonists to stimulate or block cellular responses associated with a particular receptor. GPCRs are now known to support a diversity of pharmacological profiles, a concept broadly referred to as functional selectivity. In particular, the concept of ligand bias, whereby a […]

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