ROS, innate immunity, and autoimmunity

ROS, reactive oxygen species, are produced by phagocytes and play an essential role in host defense against infection. Recently, scientists discovered the negative regulator of ROS — NRROS. From the study:

“NRROS limits the generation of ROS in phagocytes by facilitating the degradation of NOX2 (also known as CYBB), which is a component of the NADPH oxidase complex. Through NRROS, the production of ROS by phagocytes can be fine-tuned to control invading pathogens while limiting collateral tissue damage.” (1)

This discovery has great significance in autoimmunity research.


1. Noubade, R. et. al. (2014) NRROS negatively regulates reactive oxygen species during host defense and autoimmunity. Nature 509, 235.


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